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The Helix Cuff | 20% off discount code iamalpham
Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents a new line of hand-crafted accessories and bracelets: Helix Cuffs. He got a heads up about these accessories and bracelets about six months ago, but Alpha truly got interested when he saw the accessories and bracelets in person with Hamed at StyleCon 2015.

Alpha loves custom accessories that you can’t find in a typical store and truly digs these! These accessories are super cool. These cuffs are banged-out on an anvil and are unlike anything Alpha has ever seen. Plus they are hand-crafted for you and your wrist size. Alpha says these are truly unique and quality, which he really loves.

Because Alpha gets the emails, he knows that a lot of IAmAlphaM viewers in the market for accessories like these. They look great with tee shirts. They give you a rugged edge too. With the iamalpham code, you receive 20% off of your custom Helix Cuff.