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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , Ollie , and ENEMY  is sharing some of the dumb mistakes and choices with you so you can learn from him and not repeat the same things. Some were dumb, some illegal, and most all of them were embarrassing. He hopes you won’t judge him as he seems to have learned the hard way and hopes you’ll be smarter than he was. Being young is awesome, but being older definitely comes with insight, perks, and a different perspective.

Dumb, Illegal, and Embarrassing!

  1. Cheating on girlfriends – Way back in the day, he was a self-proclaimed ‘scumbag’ with tons of excuses. He let his ego get in the way of what was right.
  2. Binge drinking — He was occasional blackout drunk.
  3. Getting a DUI 12-years ago — He’s never drank a drop + driven since. Ultimately, the experience saved his life.
  4. Not spending enough time with his grandparents — When you’re young, you won’t want to be around ‘old people’. Now he wishes he could.
  5. Getting a high interest rate credit card — He maxed that bad boy out! Then he didn’t pay it, because he didn’t have the money.
  6. Filing bankruptcy — $500K of debt from failed businesses and their respective loans. His FICO score was in the gutter.
  7. Not standing up for himself — He kept his mouth shut in regard to his abusive step-fathers. He lost his ability to speak up for himself; however, in his late 20s, he went to therapy and dealt with his issues.
  8. Spending too much time being mad at people — He was super pissed at his mother, mainly for the step-fathers. He realizes she did the best job she could, and he had a choice to forgive her. So he decided to — which also meant he chose to be happy.
  9. Dirty bulking — He ate Burger King cheeseburgers and fries. He got fat as hell, and then he had to lose the bulk.
  10. Thinking that he was invincible — There are so many times that situations could have gone the other way where something serious could have happened.

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