Job Interview | Communication

February 17, 2012
Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives a few key, essential, and non-verbal communications for a successful job interview:
  1. Don’t spray too much cologne before going into the interview. Try to have as neutral of a scent as possible.
  2. Arrive 15-minutes in advance with your resume in a leather binder or carrying case. Don’t show up sooner than 15-minutes or you will look desperate.
  3. When you step into the office space, pour on the charm with the receptionist, assistant, or secretary. You are going to smile but not wink.
  4. Have a seat, and unbutton your jacket but don’t’ take your jacket off.
  5. When you go into the interview, button the top button of your jacket. Also make sure your breath is fresh but no gum. Drink some water leading up to the interview so you don’t have a dry and stinky mouth.
  6. When you walk into the office: extend your hand, look them in the eye, say ‘hello’, and present a firm handshake.
  7. Dazzle the interviewer by maintaining eye contact when speaking or being spoken to. Smile and be engaged in the process. Ask questions from a prepared list of questions you planned ahead of time.
  8. When the interview is over, smile and shake hands.


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