Top 10 Interviewing Tips to CRUSH Your Interview | Job Interview Advice

June 5, 2015
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Job Interview

Body Language

You’ve got an interview! The good news is that you already know what to wear. You’ve done the work and secured the interview, but before you run off, Aaron Marino of alpha m. has some tips to crush your interview.
  1. Conduct research granularity about the company so you can talk shop.
  2. Research the person with whom you’re meeting such as with LinkedIn.
  3. Review the 150 most common interview questions.
  4. Make friends when you walk into the establishment by being super charming to everyone you meet.
  5. Keep your answers short but concise. Don’t ramble.
  6. Utilize body language with eye contact, posture, way you sit and stand, the way you walk into the room.
  7. Bring a portfolio to keep all interview materials along with predetermined questions.
  8. Have a list of questions to ask.
  9. Sell yourself and shine! Don’t be modest; however, be confident. Self promote!
  10. Before you walk out of the office, you let them you are the man for the job, want the job, are excited, and want to be part of the organization. Shake hands like a man.


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