Learn to Read Body Language | Nonverbal Communication

October 10, 2013
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“Oh yeah, you can trust me. I wouldn’t lie to you.”  Alpha’s mouth is saying one thing and his body is saying another Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses body language and how it’s crucial to your social intelligence.

Being able to read body language develops people and communication skills. Our body paints a more specific picture:

  • Eyes: if someone doesn’t maintain eye contact with you, a lot of times that means they are looking for the right answer (ie: lying).
  • Arm position: if arms are crossed, they are protecting themselves and are closed.
  • Fidgeting: if someone is tapping and picking, they are uncomfortable or nervous.
  • Proximity: if someone is backing up, their personal space is being invaded.


The words you speak is a small part of communication. Reading body language is an essential tool. Look and listen to what people are saying to you.


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