Aaron Marino of alpha m. gives the low-down and opinion on men’s linen shirts and pants. These types of shirts and pants are surging in the stores.

Linen fabric is woven from the fibers of the flax plant- the same flax that is the healthy seed for you to consume. The weave is loose, and the fabric is cool to touch, breathable, and light. Linen is tough to keep wrinkle-free (almost impossible) but there are blends with cotton or silk. Linen is a bit rough in texture, and the blends are softer. Because linen takes so much time and energy to produce, linen shirts and pants more expensive.

Aaron models examples of linen shirts in a store which are a bit boxy (not fitted) with a blunt cut (designed to be worn untucked). The polo linen shirt has nice detail and is a great casual look with city shorts and simple flip flops. Aaron then visits his closet, and he doesn’t own any linen as it’s incredibly hard to keep looking good. Linen is great in summer and will keep you cooler!