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BY admin October 31, 2019


7 Things Most Men Do WRONG Every Night!

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CBD Oil | Beneficial or Bull$%!T?
Plant Therapy | the oil Alpha takes + trusts
Before taking any cbd oil, doing research & deciding if it’s right for you is critical. To learn more about CBD oil, please click here
A morning routine is important — but your nighttime routine is as equally important. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM¬† AaronMarino Pete & Pedro Tiege Hanley ENEMY says how your day ends is directly tied to how your morning starts.

Bedtime | What You’re Doing Wrong + What You SHOULD Do

  1. Not showering at night — you don’t want to sleep with all the dirt & grime from the day. A warm shower helps you sleep deeper, and a night shower allows you to sleep a little longer in the morning.
  2. Not choosing your outfit for the next day — it’s the best time saving hack. In the morning when you’re rushed, you’ll gravitate to what you are comfortable and gravitate toward. You can combine and pick different things as well as prepare your outfit (iron or steam, for example).
  3. Drinking alcohol to unwind — you may fall asleep faster, but alcohol will decrease the amount of REM sleep (not being able to stay asleep). Instead, use CBD oil before going to bed to chill out.
  4. Not taking your vitamins before bed — take them at bedtime to absorb the nutrients better.
  5. Not preparing your sleep environment properly — cold + dark is what you need to sleep deeper.
  6. Lying in the bed and surfing the Internet — unplug before going to bed to reduce your blue light exposure which can suppress melanin production and alter your circadian rhythm
  7. Not getting enough sleep

Chill Out and Sleep Better!

CBD can help with getting a better sleep. Want to know how? Scroll down after clicking Plant Therapy¬† to check out their FAQ page for how CBD works and why it does what it does. When it comes to CBD, it’s hot, and everywhere you turn another company is selling it. So you have to buy from a reputable company like Plant Therapy who has been standardizing essential oils and oil therapy for years. Also check out Plant Therapy’s Serving Chart to help find your sweet spot. Alpha is at the 33 mg dose, and he prefers the unflavored over cinnamint and pina colada. He is not recommending anyone take it, but he is recommending everyone doing their research. Use the discount code if you want to try CBD for sleep, inflammation or pain, and de-stressing: Plant Therapy

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