6 Things a Man Should Never Do in His Life

October 31, 2023
Unfortunately, many men get trapped in their lives, whether it’s not because of somebody else’s expectations or their own. That being said, a few things you should never do as a man because if you do, you will never truly live a happy and fulfilled existence.

To live a happy and fulfilled existence …

  1. Never allow someone to make you feel as if you’re not as good as they are. How much money you have or what kind of car you drive doesn’t matter; being a high-value gentleman is independent of those things. Have integrity & a moral compass and do not bend over & let life give you the business. Also, never settle for mediocrity for yourself or your friends.
  2. Never hang out with losers. Losers also include your significant other. Do not hang out with people who do not have good character, a good moral compass, or low integrity. Surround yourself with great people.
  3. Never wait for perfect timing. Perfect timing does not exist. Do not wait for things to happen. If you want something, go out and get it. There’s no better time than now. Sitting around waiting for something to appear magically will not happen.
  4. Never wait for handouts. Nobody will knock on your door and give you something for free. Earn what you have in life, which will in turn, be more cherished and valuable to you.
  5. Never fail to ask for help. Asking for help meant therapy for me. I needed to get over issues from my childhood and past relationships because I was carrying around all this baggage that was preventing me from being truly happy. This baggage also prevented me from speaking up and standing up for myself. I had lost self-esteem and respect for myself. Therapy is an amazing resource and gift. Better Help is worldwide and will match you with a therapist from their network of over 30,000 licensed therapists. You can get an unbiased third-party perspective that is so incredibly valuable. Get 10% off your first month of therapy with BetterHelp and get matched with a therapist who will listen & help.
  6. Never be embarrassed by things you can change. This includes your finances. Take actionable steps to fix, deal with, and modify issues. If something bothers you and you can fix it, do it. Now, there are some things you can’t change. Just say f*ck it because the sooner you’ll understand that you need to let things go, the less time wasted thinking about what you can’t change or control.
  7. BONUS: Never allow somebody else to dictate your happiness or your future. Someone should not make you choose. Instead, compromise to have a happy relationship, which doesn’t mean yes-or-no or do this-or-that. It means figuring out a better way for both of you to be happy and fulfilled. Don’t compromise your integrity and goals.

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