10 STUPID Things Guys Need to STOP Doing {in 2023}!

December 28, 2022
I am about to crush and dominate 2023! If you expect to dominate in 2023, you must stop doing stupid things as you’ve done in 2022. These things hold you back from realizing the potential that you have.

Leave this foolishness behind going into the new  year

  1. Not wrapping that rascal. I’m not saying she’s a bad girl or shaming her. I’m simply saying that if you want to achieve and kick ass, you have to wrap that rascal because even if she says she’s on the pill, don’t believe it. If she tells you you’re her first, don’t believe it. You have to make sure that you’re protecting yourself.
  2. Comparing yourself to other people. Comparing yourself to the 1% on social media is dangerous and detrimental. Incredible people are doing extraordinary things; when we compare ourselves to them, we may feel insecure and inadequate about ourselves. Only compare yourself to who you were yesterday. It’s about being better than you are today. It’s not about them.
  3. Smoking weed and drinking alcohol excessively. You’re damaging yourself, and you don’t want to develop a habit. You also don’t want to make stupid decisions that accompany heavy drinking and doing drugs. Additionally, you want to feel as good as you can to achieve everything you can. Finally, you also want to look as good as possible.
  4. Blaming other people for where you are or aren’t in life. Where you’ve gotten to is nobody else’s responsibility. It’s nobody else’s fault that you are where you are. It’s yours. If you don’t like your current situation, change it. If somebody from your past is holding you back, deal with it. If it means having tough conversations, do it. You have to forgive, including forgiving yourself, because nobody’s perfect.
  5. Neglecting your appearance. Dress better, pay attention to your grooming, and care for your skin. Uncomplicated skin care starts here with Tiege Hanley.
  6. Making excuses why you can’t exercise. Exercise if you want to be healthy, look good, and feel incredible! Your confidence will go through the roof. You don’t need to have six-pack abs or a gigantic set of biceps, but you need to exercise every day because you need to take care of your body. Your body is your temple.
  7. Worrying about Big Al. Dudes are always freaked out about their wieners, whether size or otherwise. Dudes are even trying retention and no fap. Let it go, and don’t worry about it. Stop obsessing about your dick.
  8. Obsessing about getting women and action. You got to act like you’ve been there before. Stop looking at so much p***. Stop looking at so much Instagram and TikTok with all these girls showing their bodies. Be better than that. Instead, if there’s a girl that you’ve been thinking you would like to date, ask her out. Get the balls and go up to her. If, for some reason, she says no, don’t fear rejection. Fear regret.
  9. Waiting for perfect timing. You’ve planned, contemplated, prepared, and watched other people. You’re ready to do it. Jump! Do not wait. Perfect timing doesn’t exist. Many men are held back by fear of failure, so prevalent that they never actually take action. Get off your ass and do what you’ve been talking about.
  10. Doubting how awesome you are. You are amazing!
  11. BONUS — Hanging out with losers. You have to eliminate those lazy losers and people who hold you down. Get the toxic people out of your life. If someone doesn’t make you feel good, makes you feel worse, or perhaps neglects you, treats you poorly, or talks behind your back, it’s time to get them out of your life.

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