7 Mistakes KILLING Your Manliness

January 21, 2024
Manly men protect people. Being masculine is not about physical features; it’s not about being twisted steel with sex appeal; it’s not about having a deep voice. It’s about being an amazing human and doing what he needs to do daily to be a leader, self-assured & self-reliant, and confident. A manly man has high self-esteem and treats others with courtesy and respect.
A manly man is the best he can possibly can be. But some everyday things are attacking your ability to be a man — and manly.

All of these destroy your masculinity.

  1. Not being accepting of everyone — it doesn’t matter if someone is gay, straight, or whatever.  Man is a leader, and the world needs more leaders. The world doesn’t need more sheep.
  2. Not being strong and masculine — this includes thinking he needs lots of money and girls around him. Being a chauvinist is not manly.
  3. Putting others down for being different — men don’t oppress or exhibit toxic behaviors. Being a pussy (weak mentally and physically) is not manly and destroys your masculinity.
  4. Not taking care of yourself (a) Being obese. If you don’t care for yourself, you don’t respect yourself. Take care of yourself for others as well as you.  (b) Abuse of alcohol, drugs, or anything bad for you — this includes technology, which is killing dopamine. Technology is also killing sperm and fertility (don’t put your phone or laptop next to Big Al & the Twins).  (c) Not exercising destroys masculinity (and fertility). (d) Having a crappy diet.
  5. Using products with EDCs — EDCs are in plastics, grooming products, and more. They’re destroying testosterone. Upgrade your products.
  6. Sloppy personal presentation — real men understand the importance of looking put together. You’ll have an advantage over competition.
  7. Not lifting others up — real men lift each other and others. They build a community to surround themselves with like-minded people.

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