Why Self Improvement Is Ruining Your Life

September 14, 2023
If I told you that the self-improvement industry is ruining your life, and instead, if you focused on one thing, your life would be amazing. Suppose you’ve ever bought a self-improvement course or book or have searched on YouTube for how to make money or be more confident. In that case, chances are you have never heard what I’m about to talk about. The truth is that if you knew the secret, the self-improvement industry would go broke. It’s time that you should know the truth.

Downsides to personal improvement

I’m a fan of personal development, as it’s essential to always strive to be better. But actual growth and progress take time, and unfortunately, we’re in a society where we think everything should be quick and overnight. If we don’t get the expected results, we lose interest and look for something else.

Another downside to self-improvement is it’s a never-ending battle, almost like an addiction. It’s a constant consumption of wanting to be better. Unfortunately, this can leave us empty and addicted to wanting more. Just like any other addict thinks ‘one more time,’ an improvement addict thinks one more course, one more seminar, one more piece of knowledge will reveal the key and the tools to unlock life. Self-improvement addicts typically start small, which is also cheap. YouTube searches on how to make more money, how to get a girl, or how to look better. Then, it’s buying ebooks and coaching sessions. Soon, it will turn into seminars that cost thousands of dollars. More and more money is spent looking for a final fix.

The dealer of the new self-improvement drug is our phones and social media. They tell us where we’re deficient and what we need more to succeed: drive a nicer car, have a nicer watch, and get more girls. The downside is it makes us feel bad if we’re not up at 4:00 a.m. and grinding, working all the time. This affects our self-esteem, and we feel guilty when they’re not improving, hustling, or grinding. If we don’t achieve the same level as other people’s success or what the testimonials reveal, we feel guilty and keep going back for more. The truth is that self-improvement is a losing battle until you do what I will share.

The Secret Foundation Formula

The secret foundation formula consists of three specific items you must focus on. The first is the mind. Develop a strong mind because nothing else matters if you’re not right mentally. You will always regress and go backward if you haven’t done the hard work to be mentally strong. This ‘mind piece’ is where most people fail because it’s the hardest. It’s easy to go to the gym, but it’s not easy to deal with your demons. Face the things that have negatively affected you in your past and deal with self-destructive things. Therapy is a tool that strong men use to overcome issues because they choose to be happy. Therapy is for everybody. Life is hard, so the sooner you take action, the sooner you’ll tap into the resources and tools to be wildly successful and truly happy.

The second is the body. If your body is not strong, you’re never going to achieve what you potentially can. You need to build a strong body because it will also strengthen your mind. This also includes your diet because your body is your temple, and nothing else in the world matters if you’re not healthy. Health is one of those things that money cannot buy. You have to understand this and take ownership of your physical well-being. You’ll never truly be your best self, always searching and striving without a strong body. Exercise builds the body and sharpens the mind.

Regardless of what and who your higher power is, be in touch with it, as the third is the spirit. It’s about building yourself up spiritually and connecting with your higher power. Connect with whatever inspires you because you’ll constantly chase false prophets and material possessions to satisfy something internal. Relationships are the intrinsic component of spirituality. Connect with others because we’re not supposed to be islands. It’s about building relationships and surrounding yourself with uplifting people who love you. Spend as much time with them as possible because they add value and make your life safe & secure. These people will help uplift you during hard times, and you must nurture these relationships. When you invest your time in them, this love cannot be replaced. No material possession is the same. Spirituality will give life meaning and purpose as well as passion.

Extra stuff is nice, but the foundation of mind, body, and spirit are the things that truly set you apart and will set you free from the pressures of social media, society, and preconceived notions of what and who you need to be as a man.

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