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Tiege Hanley
Alpha has a story for you — his wife’s friend acts weird every time he sees them. Alpha discovers the guy is intimated by him. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro , and Ollie started thinking more about intimidation. Here’s what he found out.

Signs Someone’s Intimidated by You

  1. Lack of eye contact
  2. Fidgeting and looking uncomfortable
  3. Apologize about stupid things
  4. They don’t ask you questions about you
  5. Their body language is weak and submissive
  6. The act weird and awkward around you but not others

Why They Are Intimidated

  1. You workout and take care of yourself physically (including eating healthy)
  2. You’re handsome and well groomed
  3. You’re style game is on-point
  4. You stand up for yourself
  5. You’re successful
  6. You are confident

Become More Intimidating!

When Alpha really started taking care of his skin, a lot of things changed with his appearance. His complexion got more even, he didn’t have as many wrinkles, his skin wasn’t as oily, and he wasn’t broken out. It was a game changer for him. He found out that people would notice that he looked better and ask him what he’s doing.  And his response is that he’s taking better care of his skin.

Alpha’s a Tiege Hanley subscriber as well as an owner! And he just got his box the other day. In the box you are going to receive an instructional card that takes all the guesswork out of looking incredible. The card tells you exactly what products to use, in what order to use them, and how much. At the bottom is an email and phone number for any of your questions regarding Tiege Hanley.  They have invested a lot of time and money into to make sure that you have the best experience ever with the company.

Then, inside a Level 1 box are wash, scrub, AM moisturizer, and PM moisturizer. If you’re new to skin care and not doing anything, start there for things that every single one of you need to do — as in critical. If you’re not doing these steps, you are definitely not going to look as good as you possibly can. Every day twice a day, you need to wash your face with a high quality wash that isn’t gonna strip your skin of all the good essential oils but still clean all the dirt and the grime off of your face and pore. Twice a week you also need to exfoliate. But the deal is this, you don’t want to just get a washcloth and like scrub your face because that can actually damage your skin. Instead you want to use a product that has something nice in terms of an exfoliant. Tiege Hanley’s scrub features ground apricot seed and cool & refreshing menthol. You need to moisturize in the morning and at night.

Tiege Hanley is the real deal; it is the highest quality product that you’re ever going to find. And the best thing is the price is super freakin affordable because they cut out the middleman which means you get a freaking incredible product at an insanely amazing price. Hit that link to grab your first Tiege Hanley system at an incredible discount and deal ON ALPHA. But the deal is this — with skin care, it’s not a once and done type of thing. It’s a routine that you need to adopt so that you can look incredible forever: Tiege Hanley