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BY Debbie Probst January 2, 2017


10 Surprising Changes for Aaron Marino from Quitting Alcohol

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The other day a viewer asked Alpha how much he drinks which got him thinking about his journey of drinking alcohol. He always enjoyed drinking from 16 y/o and onward. He binge drank but never thought he had a problem. Further, he never saw himself not drinking because it was ingrained in his social behavior and life. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro talks about how he quit drinking by accident.

Alpha used to dip tobacco for 16 years. He was crazy addicted and ashamed. He decided to quit in 2010, and he knew he had to quit alcohol because it was a trigger to nicotine. He went from drinking 30 – 40 drinks a week to 10 drinks a year. He loves a bourbon every once in a while as well as wine at a nice dinner. He hasn’t been drunk in a LONG time.

Ultimately,  he has a better respect for alcohol. The moment he stopped tobacco and alcohol everything has exponentially and astronomically changed. All of the sudden, all of the cloudiness dissipated, and it felt incredible! His life is 1,000xs better in every aspect.

Changes for Alpha as a Result of Not Drinking

  1. He stopped doing stupid things
  2. He felt awesome every day when he woke up
  3. His mind was so much clearer, and his senses were heightened
  4. He became more creative due to not being clouded by a hang-over and not feeling good
  5. His productivity sky-rocketed
  6. He started making more money due to more focus & productivity (as well as not spending as much money as drinking is expensive!)
  7. He looked better including his skin
  8. Staying in shape was so much easier after quitting drinking (combine calories from alcohol with crappy food that typically goes along with drinking)
  9. He was proud of himself rather than hating himself for being self-destructive
  10. He is happier! All of the benefits to not drinking outweigh that beer / wine / bourbon. He wouldn’t trade all the money in the world for all of this clarity and sobriety. It’s remarkable.
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