Ten Body Language Tips to Look More Confident

August 26, 2014
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Shake Hands Like a Man: The Importance of a Great Handshake
Our body is constantly communicating and sending messages to the world around us. We never have to say a word with our poses and postures, whether feeling nervous / insecure or good / confidence.

You can, however, always communicate confidence with these ten body language tips!

  1. Avoid your pockets – don’t hide your hands when you’re nervous
  2. Don’t cross your arms – it’s a closed posture and says you’re not interested in communicating
  3. Eyes up – look around and make eye contact
  4. Step like you have somewhere to be – big strides of confidence instead of scurrying
  5. Firm handshake – check out how to shake hands like a man
  6. Stand up straight – chest up and shoulders back
  7. Use appropriate touch to express appreciation – upper arm, lower arm, back but never face or inner thigh
  8. Don’t fidget – chill it out and relax
  9. Well groomed – take care of your hair, nose hair, teeth, breath, nails
  10. SMILE! – the most valuable non-communication asset

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