The SECRET to Be Likeable AF and Get What You Want!

March 27, 2023
You automatically like certain people you meet. There’s just something about them. They’re engaging, friendly, and happy, which draws you to them. The truth is that these people have an advantage over everybody else because their likability is their secret weapon … their superpower, so to speak. If you can learn to be like one of these social ninjas, it’s game over! You’ll have more opportunities and friends. You’ll also have more spicy senoritas that want a piece of that because you’re so amazing. I will review ways to be likable and get what you want.

Be authentic. Stop acting like you’re something that you’re not. One aspect that automatically puts walls up when engaging is people feeling like the other is not being honest or comfortable in their skin.

Be interested. I’m not referring to being interesting. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they meet another person as they want to tell them about themselves and make themselves feel seem awesome. But the truth is you will form better bonds if you can talk about them and become interested in what the other person is saying. Be engaging and ask questions instead of waiting for your turn to talk. People will feel more connected to you.

Give compliments. Complimenting someone makes them feel good about themselves, and it’s impossible not to like somebody that gave you praise. Don’t compliment anything physical (sexual), such as her boobs, butt, legs, or anything like that. Feel free to compliment her eyes, hair, smile, or intelligence.

Being optimist. Nobody likes a pessimist. Being happy and optimistic is a gift that you can give to others and a gift to yourself. If you’re unhappy or struggling, visit Better Help because you deserve happiness. Tap into their network of over 25,000 experienced and licensed therapists.  Get 10% off your first month of therapy and get matched with a therapist who will listen and help.

Put your phone away. When you’re around other people, put your phone away because 95% of people are on their phones. It’s a nervous habit and a reaction that people automatically do. If the focus is on your phone, it prevents you from making eye contact and engaging with others.

Make eye contact and smile. These are the quickest ways for you to automatically be more likable. A smile lets people know you’re friendly and inviting, and eye contact says you’re interested.

Touching. Not in an inappropriate way but on the shoulder, arm, double handshake, lightly topping. It’s incredibly powerful and lets the person know you’re engaged and not afraid of them. It’s also a deeper way to connect.

Remember names. This is very powerful. Use association to help you remember people’s names.

Ask people what they’re passionate about. Don’t ask him what they do professionally but ask what they are interested in or what they do for fun. The question will get people excited.

Be a storyteller. Don’t drag out stories with monotonous details. When you’re telling stories, read the room. Just because you think something is funny, you must ensure who you’re talking to will also think it’s funny.

Be appropriate. Don’t be that dude who always says things he shouldn’t to the wrong people. It’s uncomfortable. Make sure you keep topics and discussions reserved. Also, when trying to be funny, be a little self-deprecating. People will realize you’re not taking yourself too seriously.

Develop your social awareness. Social intelligence is a skill you can develop as you interact with people. Social awareness means you can read the room and self-regulate. You can engage with people, compliment them, and make them feel good about themselves. You make people feel validated.

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