10 Things You should NEVER Tolerate From a Woman… or ANYONE!

November 28, 2022
You’ll never truly be happy if you continue to accept and tolerate the behaviors I will discuss today. I don’t care if she’s hot, I don’t care that it’s a good job, and I don’t care if you’ve been boys forever – you should never tolerate these behaviors from anyone. As soon as you raise your standards, the sooner you’re going to kick ass at life.

You should never tolerate …

  1. Someone who makes you feel bad about yourself. It doesn’t matter if that person is a co-worker, boss, friend, family member, or significant other. If somebody in your life talks down to you, bullies you, or makes you feel bad about yourself, run away.
  2. A significant other who cheats on or disrespects you. There’s no amount of love, caring, nurturing, or support that you can give somebody if they are a cheater. Sure, they may be dealing with toxic things that manifest into stepping out on you. But that’s no excuse! Never tolerate cheating or someone disrespecting you.
  3. A significant other showing their body to someone else. You’re significant other does not need to dress conservatively; that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about people who get their confidence and self-esteem from the attention of others. This significant other may flirt a little too hard and seek attention from others. This behavior is a recipe for disaster because you will never be enough.
  4. Someone that tries to control you. This person may be a significant other, a boss, a co-worker, or a family member. You must take care of yourself. If someone in your life is trying to dictate what you do, your happiness, where you go, and/or how you live, run away!
  5. Not looking amazing. Stop tolerating looking average, which includes your style, grooming, and body. Men who take care of their personal packaging and presentation, including their style, grooming, and scent, will make more money and get better-quality women. What are your standards for your personal packaging and presentation? What is your brand, and what does it say to the outside world? Some men ensure their brand is consistent and aligned, but other dudes don’t worry about it. If you think ‘whatever’, you’ll get ‘whatever’.
  6. Smelling horrible. Your scent is your most potent nonverbal communication tool, and you have 100% control over how you smell. Boring and basic people will not be as attractive as those who smell incredible. Dudes that smell better will attract more women, success, and action. From ball powder to natural deodorant to EDP fragrances, Pete & Pedro has what you need to smell amazing. Click the link and use the code on the page to get the Pete & Pedro Smell Sexy Kit! 1 Cologne + 1 Fresh Deodorant + 1 Fresh Ball Powder for $50 (retails at $83).
  7. Someone talking trash behind your back. Just saying anything false about you should be addressed. Approach the person and ask them why they said what they said. Don’t say anything else, and watch them get crazy uncomfortable. The point is not getting them to admit it but letting them know that you know.
  8. A job that you hate. Even if the benefits are fantastic, life is too short to hate what you’re doing for hours every day. If you’re living for the weekend or dreading going to work daily, this is no way to live, especially since it will perpetuate in a lot of other areas of your life. You ultimately may not exercise, be a good husband, be a good father, and be a good boyfriend. Do what makes you feel good and enjoy, even if it may mean taking a little bit less money. You may need to get a second side hustle to compensate but update your resume and start looking. You deserve it.
  9. Losers in your life. (a) If you’re not going in the same direction as your friends, it’s okay to outgrow people. (b) Losers also include those who snoop. There’s no reason for somebody to go through your phone or your email. Why don’t they trust you? Did they do something wrong? Or did you? If you did, shame on you. But that’s still no excuse. It’s okay to be an individual and have privacy. There’s no reason for anyone to go through your stuff or snoop. That goes for you snooping through her stuff. If you don’t trust her, get out of the relationship. (c) Losers also try to alienate you from your friends or family.  If someone tries to control you and only allows you to see certain people, there’s something wrong with your relationship. This is not normal. Everybody’s family is crazy, so don’t believe the hype. Do not allow her to alienate you from the people that you love.
  10. Anybody who is emotionally or physically abusive. It doesn’t matter! There is no excuse for anybody laying their hands on you. On the flip side, you should never lay your hands on anyone, either. Also, if somebody you’re dating makes you feel insecure or emotionally distraught, it’s time to get out of the relationship because they’re not suitable for you. They may not necessarily be a ‘bad’ person, but you deserve better. You deserve to be happy and healthy. She should support and love you unconditionally, but this does not mean she will kiss your ass or never call you on your crap. And you should reciprocate.

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