Touring My ENTIRE Real Estate Portfolio | Real Estate Investing for Beginners

March 28, 2023
Can I interest you in a little road trip to show you the real estate I own? I’ve paid cash for all of my properties, which is a horrible idea for some investors. But, for me, it’s about peace of mind.

My real estate portfolio

Follow along as I give you a tour and the details of my office building (my office + office space with tenants), rental home, my house, my new house build, the possible property purchase between the two, and Salon Posta.  I am open to buying more, and I’m actively looking. I’m not looking to buy or flip houses. That’s a lot of work for a bit of money. And by a little money, it’s all relative.

I have a friend who is flipping houses, and she does about three flips a year, making an average of about 100K per flip. She’s making about 300K a year, but a lot goes into making that money. I’d rather invest my time and energy in some of these other businesses I have to generate an extra 300K.

Smart allocation of money?

I don’t have any debt on my assets but is that a smart allocation or use of my money? A lot of people would say no. For me, I sleep better at night, not having debt. If the economy goes down, I’m cool. I can chill out, and I’m good. I’m also at a point in my career where I still earn a lot regularly. I’m making a lot of cash even though I have these assets that are paid for. I can still invest and save, so I feel better not having debt.

Many in real estate or investing say you should not be tying up too much money. But for me, I make a decent return on the investments. Could I make more if I took the cash and invested it elsewhere? Probably. But, as I said, I hit my FU number. If you miss that video, check it out here.

Featured video

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