10 Cars {ALPHA} Males NEVER Drive!

March 17, 2023
The inspiration for today’s video is a new car I recently purchased, a Subaru Outback. I bought it for my mom and stepdad to have a more reliable vehicle. The story’s point is that a yellow Corvette pulled up next to me the other day while I was driving it. I look at the dude who signaled to me to roll down my window. He yells out to me that alphas don’t drive Subarus. Then, boom, he takes off before I point out he’s in a YELLOW Corvette! This got me thinking more about cars that alphas never drive under any circumstances.

Don’t EVER drive a vehicle like THIS!

  1. Obnoxious colors. Whenever I see a dude driving a fancy sports car that is neon or a really bright, loud color, I automatically know he’s overcompensating for something else.
  2. Jacked-up trucks. Don’t get me wrong, aggressive, beefy trucks are badass. But when they’re taken to the next level and do extra big lifts, they’re automatically douchey.
  3. Too loud. This could be music with super crazy bass thumping that everybody can hear. This could also be cars that are super loud cars like Kia Spectras.
  4. Aggressive behind the wheel. Speeding, tailgating, flipping people off, and being aggressive make everybody hate you on the road.
  5. Stinky & smelly. There’s nothing worse than getting into somebody’s smelly vehicle — it’s sickening. I got into this Uber the other day, and it reeked of a combination of cigarette smoke and Christmas tree air fresheners. It was literally nauseating! Also, don’t try spraying Febreze or colognes in your car. Use Scentbird’s sister company, Drift, for your home & car air care. I have the scent-of-the-month plan, which I got lemongrass, and it’s incredible! Go to drift.co and use promo code ALPHAM55 for 55% off your first month.
  6. Disgustingly dirty. Make sure your vehicle is fresh and clean both inside and out. Every two weeks, go to a car wash and have your car cleaned and vacuumed. Ensure you don’t have a lot of crap, trash, and clutter inside your car, making it look sloppy and lazy.
  7. Tacky stuff. Bumper stickers look tacky and low-budget. Also, you don’t look like an alpha if you have stuffed animal(s) in your car.
  8. Crappy tinting. You’ve seen it where the tinting has air bubbles and pockets everywhere. It looks a lot better without it. If you’re going to have tinting, pay a professional.
  9. Stupid stuff. Do not smoke weed when you drive. I’d have a lot of dollars if I had one for every time a car passed me and smelled like weed. Also, if you’re texting and driving, you’re an idiot. You’re eventually going to get into an accident.
  10. Too expensive. Make sure that the car you’re driving is the one you can afford comfortably because there’s nothing worse than a dude with a badass car who lives in his parent’s basement. The two areas we spend the most money on monthly are where we live and what we drive. Live below your means so you can take the extra money and invest it, so one day you can have FU money.

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