11 Weird Signs You Are Actually Attractive AF

March 12, 2024
The other day, I stumbled upon the seduction community on Reddit, and there is some good content. We will discuss one question that got my attention: what are signs that a man is more attractive than he thinks?

You’re more attractive than you think if you are…

  1. Catching people looking at you multiple times in public
  2. Getting away with being weird or awkward (you get a pass)
  3. Getting touched by women because women don’t touch people they aren’t attracted to
  4. Giving you things or doing nice things for you
  5. Compliments from other men. Make sure you don’t deflect it
  6. Being told by your mom that you’re very handsome
  7. Waking up with your c^ck in a random person’s mouth
  8. Getting women looking at you and then shying away if you catch them. Also, if women are preening (hair flipping, touching their lips, covering their mouth, adjusting their clothing or glasses) or smiling at you.
  9. Getting random women walking up and telling you that you’re handsome when you dress with purpose and wear clothing that you keep finding you get compliments on
  10. Having both genders hit on you
  11. Getting that kind of a smile with your service

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