Why Your {Package} Is SHRINKING! & How to Fix It

August 16, 2021
The other day a video popped-up about Big Al, which dropped big bombshells. Taints are shrinking! Why are Big Als not as big as they used to be, why are sperm counts down by 59%, and why are other things negatively impacting your package? After hearing what I found out, I encourage you to do your research and be as healthy as possible to make Big Al awesome — and big again!

Stop giving a death punch to Big Al & the Twins

Your endocrine system is your communication network, which plastics, pesticides, and EDCs in the food we eat bind to the endocrine hormone receptors. For example, BPA causes low sperm count and mobility. The sons of these men have smaller taints and less sexual desire. Also, when women are exposed to phthalates, they have babies with smaller Big Als, lower sperm counts & testosterone, and teeny tiny taints. These chemicals and many more are affecting men’s packages, as well as these additional factors.

Big Al gets smaller as your body fat elevates. The wrong underwear will also give a death punch to Big Al and your sperm. Too tight underwear will cause your balls to not only stink but to reduce sperm count. Smoking cigarettes and weed will also make your package smaller — research shows that smoking weed reduces sperm count by 20%. Nicotine will reduce blood flow to your main vein as well.

You also need to use Big Al to fill him with blood to make him bigger, harder, and stronger. You have to use him repeatedly, which a study says 21 explosive times a month are necessary to reduce your risk of prostate cancer. Medications (ADHD meds, some antibiotics, some hair loss drugs) can also make things smaller, but don’t go off medications without talking to your doctor.  Nitrates that you eat can also reduce the size of your package and lower your sperm count.

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