Men… We Need to Talk.

January 23, 2024
The content I’m about to discuss is something I’ve been thinking through for a while because it’s worsening. It’s something that’s been really bothering me, but I usually wouldn’t talk about subjects like this because I don’t like discussing polarizing social issues. I stay in the middle of the road because I didn’t want to alienate anyone. I want everybody to feel included, and I don’t want to piss off people. But today, I will piss off some people. I don’t really care because we’ve lost our minds as a society. I’m talking about the woke, canceled culture that is so incredibly prevalent.

Disenfranchised men

One of the problems with cancel culture is it causes a vast community of men to feel disenfranchised and lost. You are not bad for being a man — quite the opposite. You’re amazing. There’s nothing wrong with being male or masculine. There’s nothing wrong with being feminine, either. If you want to be a dude, if you want to be something else, or if you want to identify as something else, I don’t care.

As a man in today’s crazy world, you should be focused on doing things that will help you improve your life. A real man doesn’t have time to worry about other people. Real men are not oppressing anyone. One of the problems with woke canceled culture is that people are trying to convince the world that men are bad, oppressive, and doing terrible things.

Disagree? You’re the enemy!

If we disagree with them, we are the enemy. If we disagree with them, they’ll come after us. They’re going to cancel us. Men get scared. They see what’s happening to some of the people who are getting destroyed because they disagree with the ideals of the super ultra-liberals.

The other reality is that you can’t argue with them. This is something that I learned a long time ago: don’t try to convince somebody who believes something different from you to believe something else. It’s a waste of time. Instead, focus on you. Focus on me the best you can possibly be, and do not apologize for being a man or for having an opinion that’s different from someone else.

Also, don’t go the other way. You have the woke, cancel culture on one side, with the media included. Then, on the other side, you have these crazy conservatives where the manosphere is pissed off at women and trying to make them the enemy. Women aren’t the enemy. If you’re not happy or successful, the problem is you, not them. Many men are sheep, blindly following somebody and listening to idiots who are saying that women are the problem.

The world’s commodity = your attention

Attention in today’s world is a commodity. People are trying to convince you to believe what they’re telling you. You need to think for yourself and ensure you have your resources straight. Too many people rely on their jobs and other people for funding, and if you do something counter to their culture, you’ll be gone. And then you’ll be broke.

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Don’t listen to the noise

Make sure you don’t listen to the noise. If you’re consuming media, don’t let it rot your brain. Don’t believe the hype. Understand there’s an agenda for both sides. Be a critical thinker in today’s world and have principles.

Make sure you have moral character and integrity. Set yourself apart from other men, and don’t allow others to convince you otherwise. Keep your head down and focus on what you can do, knowing you cannot control others. The only person that you can control in this world is you. Don’t waste time scrolling; instead, focus on what it means to care for yourself physically and mentally. Make sure you’re straight financially. Avoid the noise, and don’t follow the herd.

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