Wurkin Stiffs Power Stays
Aaron Marino of alpha m. addresses what is a collar stay and how to use them.
  • A collar stay is the plastic or metal tab in the collar pouch. They prevent your collar from winging-up. When you don’t use collar stays, the collar tends to flip up and don’t stay crisp and concise.
  • You can also get collar stays that are sewn into the collar but you risk warping.
  • A magnetic collar stay has a magnet that keeps the collar tight to your shirt.


When you buy a shirt and when you take the shirt to the dry cleaner or wash it, remove the collar stay.  A lot of shirt comes with extra collar stays. If they get mangled, replace them. If you are drying a dress-shirt and the plastic collar stay is in the collar, the collar stay will become warped. After you are done ironing the shirt or picking up the shirt from the dry cleaner, reinsert the collar stay.