Society has KILLED the “ALPHA” Male!

December 22, 2022
First, I want to apologize to any of you who I made feel bad over the years with some of my content, whether it was me talking about what a guy should or shouldn’t do or my thumbnails. I apologize because my videos’ intention has always been to uplift and positively influence the world.

Nice guy versus nice person

I’ve been thinking about the future and about my YouTube channel. The alphas, the loudest, the most aggressive, or the dominant aren’t going to win in life. It’s not going to be the awesomely sexy or rich. It’s going to be people that are nice and kind.

The difference between a nice guy and a nice person is that a nice guy does things to get something. He’s sneaky. He’s nice to get something from other people, which is manipulative. But a genuinely nice person is somebody who is kind and generous. These nice people help others and want to see others succeed. They’re giving not out of getting something in return but just out of the goodness of their heart.

Polarization of society

The polarization of society and men pisses me off. You’re good or bad, alpha or beta, with or against us. We can’t disagree anymore without somebody getting angry. In the past, you could agree to disagree. But currently, society is so insane that if you differ in opinion, you have to hate them. The other aspect that is insane is trying to put somebody in a nice little box. You’re either this, or you’re that. And if you’re this, you’re definitely not that. The truth is there’s a gray area. The majority of us land somewhere in the middle.

Some people offer extreme views, and they will get the most attention. They’ll have a following because some men have lost the ability to think abstractly, critically, and objectively. They hear this rich and/or handsome person and think that’s what success looks like. The truth is that what you see on social media is not success. Success is actually about feeling good about yourself and being the best person you can be. Not everybody is hardwired to think that success means money for material possessions.

Taking money out of the equation

I’ve been broke, and I have been not broke. Being not broke is better than being broke because of what it does to you mentally. When you’re super broke, you worry about how you will pay your bills or put gas in your car. That worry occupies much of your thinking and bandwidth. When you take money out of the equation, you suddenly have more brain power to use on more productive things and make yourself a better person.

$5,000 was the amount when my life started to get better because I wasn’t thinking and worrying about money. More money than that didn’t exponentially make me happier. Sure, buying a nice car is fun for a second, but that fun goes away. I’m not saying that having or wanting nice things is bad or negative. But, when you base your perception of success on material possessions or by comparing yourself to some dude that you don’t even know on social media, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Perceptions of success

Men can feel a bit beaten down because they think they haven’t achieved what they are supposed to achieve, be, or have. It’s not about alpha or beta or being toxic or not toxic. It’s about being the best person you can be. The number one thing that has made me feel like I am successful is helping others and being a man of intention and character.

Throughout your life, your definition of what success is will likely change. But helping other people and giving without expectation is a gift that you’re giving to yourself. You’re not going to get anything physical in return. But emotionally and mentally, your soul will feel amazing.

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